Shitaki & Eringi mushroom1200

French Onion soup 800


Garden Greenss, with feta, oregano, crushed garlic 1200

Burrata, cherry tomato, roasted bell peppers & onion chutney1600

Caprese, fresh buffalo Mozzarella, iceberg, cherry tomatoes & basil pesto1800

Warm Goat Cheese Salad, balsamic, honey, lime, & baked fig1200

Salmon, Avocado, wasabi mayo2000

Tuna, Avocado, wasabi mayo2000


Grilled Eggplant Miso / Seafood / Mixed 1200

Grilled Avocado & tabouleh with dill yogurt 1800

Roasted Beets, balsamic & goat cheese 800

Goat Cheese Crostini, walnut & onion chutney800

Elotes, Mexican Grill Corn with matured cheese & chipotle mayo 800

Sauteed Eryngii Mushroom 1800

Salmon Tartare 1500

Snapper Ceviche with lemon & cilantro 1500

Gambas al - ajillo, garlic,dry chilli & parsley 1200

Shrimp Croquette ( 4pcs) 800

Grilled Cuttlefish, shoyu, butter & lime 1200

Escargot, parsley butter 1500

Scallop Mushroom Duxelles 2500

Soft Shell Crab, paprika mayo 1800

Smoked Anchodina Tartine with avocado & bell pepper 400/per pc

Steak Tartare New with house mayo 1500

Bone Marrow 1000

Fries, garlic parsley, aioli 500


Seabass steamed or pan seared, bell pepper & cilantro or hollandaise 1200

Grilled salmon with whole grain mustard sauce or sundried tomatoes & olive cream sauce 1500

Grilled Snow Fish miso 2500

Grilled Lobster herb butter 3000


Charcoal grill Half Chicken with mountain salt 1200

Herbed Grilled Chicken with smoked paprika & potato wedges 1200

Marinated Duck Breast 1800

Duck Confit with potato galette & whole grain mustard 1600

Red meat

Oro Burger & Fries 1000

Slow Cooked Beef Ribs, ginger-soy 2000

Tcndcrloin Sreak, grilled mushrooms, pepper beef Jus 2000

Slow cooked Leg of Lamb with garlic fried rice 3000


corn tortilla, guaca, salsa, cheddar, Shrimp, Chicken or Beef 800

Beef Tongue crispy Taco 1000


Spinach Ravioli, pomodoro or cream 800

Salmon Ravioli, Pomodoro, Lemon Dill Butter, Salmon Cream Sauce 1200

Seafood Carbonara with fresh Egg Tagliatelle 1200

Chicken Katsu, parmesan, lemon & garlic with Egg Tagliatelle 1000

Oro Beef Ragu, with cherry tomato & home made pasta (Casereccio) 1000


Seafood Paella, Bomba Rice, Black Mussel, Cuttlefish, Shrimp3000

Oxtail Fried Rice 1200

Lamb Parmesan Risotto 1800

Parmesan & Portobello Risotto 2000

New Items

Seafood Mixta Ceviche Hake, Yellowtail & Scallop 2500

Caprese love, buffalo mozzarella, heirloom tomato, basil pesto 1800

Heirloom Tomato Carpaccio, goat cheese, garlic & lime vinaigrette, truffle balsamic 1800

Roasted Beets, Mozzarella & Goat Cheese, Raspberry Pistachio sauce 1200

Atlantic Octopus (Spain), sous vide, smoked paprika creamy mash 300gms 4000

Oven Steamed Salmon with Asian Greens 1600

Basque Seabass, Cooked in Picual Olive oil, Finished with Garlic, And Red wine Vinegar. 1500

Oven Roasted Atlantic Cod, Beef Cecina, Pumpkin Puree 2000

Beef Cecina (Cured beef) Fried egg, fried potatoes, & garlic aioli 1500


French omelet, emmenthal, toasted baguette 600

Salmon or Crab Benedict, on multigrain or brioche, hollandaise 1000

Shakshuka, bell pepper ragu, 3 eggs, toasted baguette 1000

Brioche French toast 800

Simple Egg Sandwich with Beef Salami & emmental 600

Avocado Toast & Poached Eggs on jalapeno sourdough 800

Dessert & Patisserie

Cinnamon roll 500

Key Lime Tart 250


Dark Chocolate Cake, Dried Cranberry 700

Carrot Cake 500

NYC Cheesecake 700

Dark Chocolate Brownie 300

Gelato: (G) /Sorbet (S)

Chocolate (G) 400

Vanilla (G) 400

Lemon (S) 400


Perrier 300

Fresh Lime Soda 150

Lemon Mint 150

Ginger Ale400

Orange Blossom 400

Orange Juice 400

Apple Juice 400


Espresso 300

Latte 300

Cappuccino 300

Ice Coffee 300

Green Tea 150

Black Tea 150

Subject to 5% VAT & 10% Service charge.